My whole vision about flamenco changed as I entered the Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada. In 2003 I began my B.A studies, the same year I performed my first concert as a singer in Almería. I was keen on flamenco music since I was a child thanks to my family, but my curiosity to learn was divided between my time studying at university and my flamenco singing. Throughout all those five years of study I was considering which one to choose and almost without noticing I was combining both activities at the same time. Finally, in 2008 I gave up the idea of trying to be good at just one thing and I started to do research for my final dissertation on Connections between Flamenco and Fine Arts. Whilst researching I realized that I had wanted to related in a forced way, what it had already been existing naturally. From the beginning Flamenco has been portrayed and represented by painters, sculptors, and the so called Fine Artists, firstly, moved by its exotic nature, as occurring until the Romantic Period, and afterwards, Flamenco has been also depicted by many other aesthetic movements.

So far, in my lab the melting pot started to blend a wide range of artistic experiences coming from different subjects and the result of it all was captured in an exhibition called ” On poligrama: image, substance and sound in the cross curricular artwork”. Here I showed a variety of works ( performances, video art, paintings and drawings) all of them were related to Flamenco.

That show worked as a spur to trigger a wave of projects in which I am working on at the moment and that I display in this web site in an orderly way. My work as a multi-faceted artist has different edges: the flamenco performer, the teaching artist, the researcher, the creative initiator, although I believe them all to be part of the same formula.