Fine arts

Estamos acostumbrados a pensar que los objetos físicos tienen aristas limitadas; cosas como rocas, sillas, libros, casas, comercios y la ciencia con su esfuerzo a medir con precisión, ha confirmado aquella creencia. Luego inconscientemente transportamos esta creencia en el carácter limitado de todos los objetos de experiencia (…) Suponemos que la experiencia tiene los mismos límites definidos que las cosas por las que estamos interesados. Pero toda experiencia, aun la más ordinaria, tiene un marco total indefinido. Las cosas, los objetos, son solamente puntos focales de un aquí y ahora en el todo que las circunda indefinidamente.


The artwork perception is a way of experience, it marks the beginning of a complex process in which the receiver handles different meanings that help him to locate himself in context and to understand and review the signs he interacts with.

In this sense, Angela Cuenca’s artwork can be seen as a potential product capable of triggering a wave of experiences to the observer. This process sets off the establishment of affection, the arousal of emotions and questions that allow us to rethink and redefine ourselves : What is our definition of Art? What sort of expressions do we identify Art with? What are their own visual and figurative languages? What are the limits we face when we think about Fine Arts subjects?

Angela Cuenca suggests experiencing her work by questioning the boundaries among traditional disciplines, deconstructing deep-rooted cultural beliefs, demystifying curricular knowledges. That is because in her life everything is blended: music and painting, sign and gesture, voice and color, because she is one, whole, complete, boundless, unlimited.

Her work depicted in :” On the poligrama: image, substance and sound in the cross curricula artwork” lets us connect with her experiences, screening them into our own background and personal adventure. The languages and poetics of her works connect to the aesthetic game that rises when the visible and invisible, the seen and the imagined come together.

Angela Cuenca’s artworks make it possible the amusement of our aesthetic senses rediscovering ourselves finally under the light of her creations.


Reyes González.

Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad de Granada.


  • “La imagen silenciosa”, Ángela Cuenca, 2008

  • “Bodegón”, Ángela Cuenca, 2008

  • Making of “Paso a paso”, colaboración con “Los Jinetes Azules”, 2011

  • “Paso a paso”, colaboración con “Los Jinetes Azules”, 2011



“Escribir”, Técnica Mixta sobre madera, 150x150cm, 2008

“Pulso”, Técnica Mixta sobre madera, 200x200cm, 2008

“Sin Título”, Técnica Mixta sobre madera, 200x200cm, 2008

“RojoZarcilloRojo”, Técnica Mixta sobre madera, 200x200cm, 2008

“Sobre el Poligrama I”, Acrílico y grafito sobre madera entelada, 100x100cm, 2008

“Sobre el Poligrama II”, Acrílico sobre madera, 100x100cm, 2008

“La Farruca”, Acrílico sobre madera, 150x340cm, 2008

“Picopá”, Acrílico sobre madera, 30x30cm, 2009

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Detalle Boceto 2

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