Flamenco singing workshops

” Singing can be learnt ”
Workshops and Master classes

We are delighted to start a new course under the motto “Singing can be learnt”. Our goal is that flamenco singing stops being the great unknown of the Flamenco discipline. The workshops we are presenting here are designed for beginners and for anyone who has ever sung before or not, for the amateur who wants to improve his/ her vocal qualities through performance techniques applied in Flamenco, and generally for any person interested in studying flamenco singing from the beginning. For those who are eager to sing and do not know how to start, they should know that flamenco is a Universal Art due to its wide range of styles and its strong music heritage in terms of expression. However, in spite of its musical complexity, Flamenco can be learnt and of course be felt and enjoyed.

2012/2013 Workshop in “Clasijazz”

2011/2012 Workshop in “Clasijazz”


“Un acercamiento al flamenco en primaria”, Masterclass 13 de Junio de 2014, CEIP Laymund (El Ejido, Almería).

Dentro de la “Semana Cultural de la Mujer”, organiza el Centro de la Mujer del Ayuntamiento de El Ejido.

Colegio Laymund 1

Colegio Laymund 2


“Taller de Canto y Flamenco para jóvenes artistas”, Junio de 2011, Auditorio de El Ejido.

Organiza el Instituto Andaluz de la Juventud.

“Taller de Cante y Baile Flamenco para niños con problemas de inserción y absentismo escolar”
, Mayo de 2011.<Organiza IES Sta. Mª del Águila (El Ejido).

Colegio Laymund 2


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